24-hour fitness center in North Point with high privacy

Covering an area of about 5000 feet

Located at 2F, Asia Pacific Plaza, North Point

Comfortable training environment to train at any time in spare time


A systematic fitness plan and training method can make you move towards your goal safely and effectively. Personal trainers need to understand the goals of the trainees, set up a systematic fitness plan, review and review regularly and put forward suggestions for improvement. We have developed a unique set of P.L.U.S + Training Model, which has been proven to be effective and safe for a long time. The fitness course coaches in our North Point Center will use this training model to train our students to ensure that the teaching quality is standard and high. Quality, this set of training models will be divided into four stages, step by step, step by step, so that you can effectively improve your physical quality in a safe environment, whether your goal is to increase muscle, reduce fat percentage, improve activity and pain From treating symptoms to enhancing athletic performance, this system can safely and effectively achieve your goals.


As our distinguished member, you can not only enjoy professional fitness coaching courses and membership, but also get comprehensive health care experience. We understand that health is not just about building muscles, but also about nutrition, mental health and quality of life. Therefore, Gym 24 Plus is committed to providing members with one-stop health management services. Here, you will find different levels of membership benefits, covering diversified health support from personal training courses, nutrition guidance, to psychological counseling and rehabilitation treatment. In addition, we also join hands with health partners in various industries to provide members with professional medical treatment, massage, yoga and other benefits, so that you can enjoy a better life experience while maintaining your health. Gym 24 Plus understands that each member’s needs and health conditions are unique. Joining our membership, you will get a health journey that is exclusive to you, so that fitness is no longer a monotonous process, but full of fun and challenging lifestyles, let us work together to create a better and healthy life!

GYM 24 PLUS provide different services for our gym membership in north point



Professional Trainer

The personal trainers in North Point GYM 24 Plus Fitness Center all hold professional personal trainer licenses, have many years of teaching experience, understand students' problems, and easily solve students' difficulties


24 hours

There is a 24-hour fitness center branch in North Point. Personal training students can come to the branch to practice in their spare time


high privacy

North Point fitness room GYM 24 Plus actively limits the number of members, hoping that members can have a comfortable personal trainer training environment in North Point


convenient location

Located in the center of North Point, close to Fortress Hill, the location is convenient and the transportation is convenient


Innovative Membership Fees

At GYM 24 Plus, we meet your different fitness needs and provide you with three innovative membership models. In addition to enjoying the 24-hour fitness facilities, you will also receive one-on-one training guidance, let our professional coaches tailor the most suitable fitness plan for you, and help you reach your goals faster


no commitment

Provide a variety of membership fee models, monthly payment, free choice, and create a truly contract-free fitness training environment


personal training

The GYM 24 Plus one-on-one personal trainer in the North Point Fitness Center can give you the greatest training effect. Our trainer can tailor your training courses to match your sports goals 100% and give you comprehensive sports guidance

Group Training

Group training courses can increase the fun of training, and training with friends can also encourage each other, and couples can also enhance mutual affection by taking classes together. Whether it is one-on-two, one-on-three or other forms of group training, we can also arrange for you

Pain Relieve

Urban people are prone to various body pains due to poor posture. Personal trainer courses can help you regularly train muscles that have been neglected, which can help improve pain and allow you to focus on your daily work.

About GYM 24 Plus

Exercise is an attitude to life! Persistent exercise habits are the key to success in achieving goals. In addition to attending 60-minute personal training classes, GYM24 Plus also encourages students to practice regularly in their spare time to develop habits, so we provide 24-hour free The intermittent fitness center provides a comfortable training environment for members to train at any time after classes.


In the face of various pressures in work and life, if you want to relieve pressure, doing exercise is a good choice. In order to match the healthy life and work style of Hong Kong workers, a 24-hour fitness center in North Point is set up to promote the correct concept of fitness. Busy urbanites in Hong Kong can integrate their fitness attitude into their lives, improve their physical functions, and improve their quality of life. We take care of the needs of different customers 24 hours a day. We hope that everyone can exercise without time constraints. Help Customers choose their own personal trainer and time and place to do sports, serve everyone and promote the popularization of national fitness, let you experience a comfortable and unrestricted fitness mode with preferential and reasonable prices, and establish a good healthy image and reputation for the fitness industry word of mouth.